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Watch our new Youtube video series, A Few Minutes with Detectives where we discuss different aspects of criminal investigations and forensics.

Grant Graham and Steve Chancellor speak about investigating staged crime scenes with Dr. Carlos Vazquez on the podcast, Inside the Badge

"Course was excellent and  opened my eyes to crime scenes that I will definitely look at in a whole new way from this point on in my law enforcement career."


Master Patrol Officer Patrick McStravick

Hudson, NH Police Department

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Steve Chancellor is featured in an episode of Forensic Files for his work in solving a                          previously determined suicide that was actually a  homicide by identifying key clues proving the crime scene had been staged.

Second Look Training and Forensic Consulting is a veteran owned and operated business developed to provide quality investigative training for detectives, crime scene investigators and prosecutors. All of our instructors are experienced detectives or crime scene analysts, most are published all have been recognized in court as expert witnesses in their respective field of expertise and each has already provided training to law enforcement and forensic professionals.  All of our training is based on our investigative experience, sound investigative and forensic principals, and the latest forensic techniques. We offer a variety of              for investigators, forensic professionals and prosecutors.

Current Courses

Investigating Sexual Assault Cases (4.5 Days)

Oct 5-9, 2020

Potter County Sheriff's Office

13103 NE 29th Street
Amarillo, TX 79111

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (40 Hours)

Due to COVID-19 this course has been postponed. New date to be determined. 

Rio Arriba Sheriff's Office

Rio Arriba Community Center

Hernando, NM

Investigating Staged Crime Scenes (16 Hours)

Due to COVID-19 this course has been postponed. Date to be determined.

Tucson Police Department

Tucson, AZ


Grant and Steve are interviewed by Dr. Jim Adcock on the podcast "Solving Cold Cases with Dr. Jim."

Grant talked about successful crime scene processing and cold case investigations.

Steve spoke about staged crime scenes related to cold case investigations.


Grant Graham is featured in the Fayetteville Observer in an article on his co-authoring                         with Steve Chancellor the book, Crime Scene Staging: Investigating Suspect Misdirection of the Crime Scene.

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Steve Chancellor is awarded The Military Police Regimental Association’s Silver Order of the Marechaussee.



Second Look also provides professional case consultation on a myriad of subjects including Crime Scene Staging, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault Investigations, and Digital Forensics. For further information concerning a case consult contact us at:


131 Wed Denning Road

Angier, NC 27501


Grant Graham: 910-234-4731



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