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New Detective Course

This course is an intense 4.5 day course specifically designed for new detectives- it provides a basic overview of the investigative process and outlines their responsibilities. Highlighting important aspects of physical and forensic evidence, working with crime scene technicians, working with the Medical examiner, and working with other agencies.  It provides newly assigned detectives a solid foundation on traditional and current investigative principals. Students will be provided checklists, examples, and other take home material for future reference.

Course Instruction Topics:

  1. Preliminary Investigation

  2. Initial Response

  3. Defining the Scene

  4. Crime Scene and Evidence Recovery/Special Crime Scene Forensic Examinations

  5. Working with Crime Scene Personnel and the Medical Examiner

  6.  Death Notifications

  7. Forensic Examinations and the Crime Laboratory

  8. Latent Investigations

  9. Investigative Plans

  10. Recognizing Investigative Leads

  11. Common Investigative Errors

  12. Crime Scene Staging

  13. Victimology

  14. Interview/Interrogations/Canvass Interviews

  15. Admissions/Denials/Confessions/Alibis

  16. 5th and 6th Amendment Issues

  17. Search Warrants and Investigative Subpoenas

  18. Social Media and Sources of Investigation

  19. Digital Evidence

  20. Adult and Child Sex Crimes

  21. On line Predators

  22. Property Crimes

  23. Death and Serious Injury/Suicide/Child Abuse

  24. Autopsy Protocol

  25. Working with Prosecutor and Courtroom Testimony.

Course Length:

Thirty-Six (36) hours.



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