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Digital Evidence for Law Enforcement

This two-day course is designed to provide the detective , CSI, and prosecutor with the basic tools needed to successfully investigate crimes that involve digital devices and data. The student will learn how to identify digital devices and what to do with them as part of their investigation. 


Special emphasis is placed on the handling of digital evidence and how to find the most important artifacts that can help solve cases.  The outside the box approach to using both low-tech and high-tech techniques will provide a different investigative perspective when thinking about how digital data affects investigations.


Next, the student will learn how to corroborate information developed during the investigation to be used as a means for building a digital timeline using all available types of digital data.

Finally,  there will be a discussion about how devices are used and information is shared using social media.  This discussion will also provide different techniques to use this data as part of interview process. 


Course Instruction Topics

1. What is Digital forensics

2. How to Identify Digital Devices

3. Searching Crime Scenes for Digital Devices

4. What to request as Part of a Digital examination

5. Using Social Media in Investigations

6. Using Email in Investigations

7. Digital Crumbs and Artifacts

8. Digital Forensic Interviewing

9. Digital Timelines as Part of the Investigative Process

10. Understanding How People Use Technology

Course Length:

Sixteen (16) hours.



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