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Investigating Sex Crimes

Sexual assault is long considered the 2nd most violent crime and only homicide surpasses the impact to the victim to rape and sexual assault. This course covers aspects of the initial response, aspects of crime scene examination and collection of forensic evidence. We introduce two victim interview techniques to get the most important from the victim when it is the most critical. Aspects of human sexuality and how a sex offender is developed, defining offender typology, drug facilitated sexual assaults, special victims (males, juveniles, handicapped), and special offenders (women, juveniles, drug facilitated offenders), as well as additional instruction on offender interview techniques for each type of offender and working with prosecutors. The course is completed with a section on identifying false rape complaints.


Course Instruction Topics:

  1. Victim Impact Before, During and After

  2. Basic Law and Working with Prosecutors

  3. The Victim, Suspect, Crime Scene and Forensic Evidence

  4. Collateral Material

  5. Human Sexuality: Paraphilias and Deviate Sex

  6. Victim Interviews 

  7. Traumatic Interview Technique

  8. Behavioral Orientated Interview Technique

  9. Victimology

  10. Rape Trauma Syndrome

  11. Pretext Phone Calls

  12. Special Victims (Juveniles, Elderly, HandicappedMales as the Victim)

  13. Rapist Typology

  14. Drug and Alcohol Facilitated Sexual Assault

  15. Special Offenders (Females, Juveniles, Drug Facilitated  Offenders)

  16. Acquaintance Sexual Assaults

  17. Suspect Interview Techniques

  18. Latent Investigation

  19. False Rape Complaints

Course Length:

4.5 Days (Thirty-Six (36) hours)



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